Think Like a Doctor, Part 5: Delegate Authority, Not Just Tasks

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2019

Are you delegating authority in your Periodontal practice, or just work? 

There’s a big difference here that isn’t often discussed, but it’s critical to recognize why it matters which one you’re handing your employees and how they perceive it. 

If you want your staff to think more like you (which is the entire purpose of this 10-part series), then it’s essential to understand how they view their roles and responsibilities and whether it aligns with the way you want them to treat their roles and responsibilities.

Authority vs Tasks

The phrase “too many queens, not enough ants” usually gets a bad rap. It means there are too many leaders and not enough people to pull the weight and complete the chores.  Why would you need nine leaders to manage a staff of nine people? 

Or… Maybe you don’t have enough leaders. Without leadership, work gets done, but it’s a matter of simply just going...

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Think Like a Doctor, Part 4: Establishing Value in Your Team

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2019

Throughout this series, we’re discussing how in order to get your staff to think more like you, you first need to think like them so you can tailor how you communicate their level of understanding. If you missed Parts 12, and 3, you can click on the numbers to catch up.

What do you find most valuable about your practice?  What do you think the patients and referring practices value?  Is the value of the care you provide enough?  Does it meet the goals and vision you had set out for or do you feel you are sometimes being held back from your potential?

The perceived value doesn’t always match the value we have within our own consciousness.

Here is why…

Peers directly influence your value system

Your perceptions of yourself, the patient’s perceptions of you, your referring doctors’ perceptions of you all impact your overall perceived value.

Often, your own perception of the other people around you can lead you to feel as if...

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Think Like a Doctor, Part 3: Putting Context to Concept

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2019

In Parts 1 and 2 of our series, we focused on the importance of having a vision and getting your employees involved. But one of the biggest barriers standing between you and higher engagement from your employees is simply their understanding of the what and why of your vision.  

As I mentioned earlier, doctors and staff members think on totally different wavelengths. Your priorities and their priorities are very different, and that’s a problem when you’re trying to grow your practice, shape your brand, and achieve something greater than the sum of its parts. 

Putting context to your ideas and expectations can help avoid this altogether, but it takes some effort on your part to help them connect the right dots.

Context Creates Clarity

It’s logical to think that you can tell your employees what to do and they’ll do it. It’s part of their job, you’re paying them for it, so why would you need to do anything beyond telling them what to...

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Think Like a Doctor, Part 2: How to Get Staff Involved in Shaping the Future of Your Practice


In Part 1 of this 10-part series, we talked about how many Periodontists make the mistake of asking staff for input in moving the practice forward. You might think of it as a way of spurring engagement and getting staff to feel at home in their role, but it actually has the opposite effect. 

Remember, once most dental staff learn their trade, they typically won't change how they do things. They fear change and learning new things because they don’t want to seem incompetent, and worry they won't have the training to achieve it.  They also think (and rightfully so) "Why would I want to fix something that doesn't seem broken and has gotten me by just fine for so many years?"

Asking an employee for their input when they haven’t gained many new insights into new technology and industry advancements in the last 10 years is a recipe for disaster.  In addition, you may be thinking they know what's best for them and since they are the ones using...

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Think Like a Doctor, Part 1: How to Share Your Vision to Improve Staff Engagement


As a periodontist, you have plans for your career. You have a vision of what you want your practice to look and function like. And, you expect your staff to roll along with your ideas and expectations (because that’s their job, right?). 

You probably know by now it’s not quite that easy. Your staff doesn’t think at the same level you do, nor can they read your mind. That’s why it’s essential to first think like your staff and connect with them on their level. You’ll have a much better chance of helping them to think the way you do if you can speak to their experiences in their language. 

In this 10-part series, we’re diving into how to get your staff to think like you so they can better serve your patients and provide the ongoing support you need from them. 

But before they can get on your level of thinking, they need to be tuned into their role, your expectations, and what exactly they’re working toward in the long...

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How Do You Build Loyalty with the Staff (and Do You Really Need To)?

I recently attended a class on leadership and the instructor presented me with a pretty powerful idea about how to build loyalty: 

“People will do anything for those that encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and throw rocks at their enemies.” 

Or, to put another way, people will do anything for those they are loyal to. 

So I want to know, what are you doing in your Periodontal practice to build loyalty with your staff? And perhaps more importantly, do you feel like you really need their loyalty? 

Let’s start with the latter and work our way backward.

Loyalty Should Be a Priority

Why do you need employee loyalty in the first place? Isn’t it enough that you gave your team members the job they have and keep them employed? The quick and easy answer is that loyalty is the key to long-term success. 

Loyal employees mean less turnover, higher productivity, and a more stable work...

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Peri-implantitis (Inflammation in the peri-implant mucosa together with progressive loss of supporting bone)

Peri-implantitis is a hot topic in implant dentistry nowadays. Some estimates report as many as 1 in 10 implants experiencing peri-implantitis. Dental implants have clearly transformed how we go about treatment planning our patients. Modern planning is more open to extractions as a treatment option now that we have a simple, predictable and reliable tooth replacement alternative. Long-term success rates for dental implants have been shown to be excellent in many studies. If peri-implantitis substantially reduces those success rates, we will need to rethink our treatment strategies with important consequences for both completed and future patients. This article will look at inflammation in the peri-implant mucosa. 

So what causes Peri-implantitis? We can divide the causes into patient associated and implant-associated. Under patient causes, we include all the factors for Periodontitis including Genetics; Diabetes; Smoking and of course Dental Plaque. A good history and control...

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3 Easy Ways to Nurture Periodontist Referral Sources

A good referral source can be the best form of advertising (and the cheapest, too!). Periodontist referrals are the lifeblood of your practice, and they’re too important to leave to chance. 

Here’s how you can nurture the connections you make with referring partners and grow your practice:

#1 - Treat Every Referral with Care

When a dentist refers their patient to you, they’re putting their reputation on the line. In their eyes, you’re effectively an extension of their practice, so make sure you treat their patients with the highest level of care and professionalism. The last thing you want is for patients to tell the referring doctor about their bad experience at your practice, which could quickly dry up the referral well.

#2 - Thank Them for Referrals

Thank you’s can be powerful tools in the referral business. It shows that you not only acknowledge that someone sent you business, but also that you appreciate it. Send them a card in the mail...

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3 Things that Harm the Patient Experience

Some periodontal practices work diligently to improve the patient experience, but the majority tend to think of it as an afterthought. The patient experience isn’t just about the quality of care the patient receives. Rather, it’s more about their overall impression and interactions with your practice, from the moment they call to schedule an appointment until they’re back in their general dentist’s chair for a follow-up. 

In an upcoming blog article, I’ll discuss the specific roles the patient plays in building your referral business with dental professionals. But for now I want to dial in on some specific things you might be doing that can negatively impact patient perceptions and what you can do to fix them:

#1 - Inattentive Staff

Your staff plays a major role in how your patients feel about your practice. They’re the first ones to greet the patient to make them feel welcome and comfortable which sets the tone for their visit. 


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Skills Can Be Taught, but There’s Something More Important to Prioritize When Hiring

When you’re adding team members to your practice, a stunning resume can go a long way. If you’re lucky to find someone who was top of their class, has experience in a Periodontal office, and is excellent with patients, why wouldn’t you hire them? 

Believe it or not, skills aren’t always the biggest hiring qualifier that you should look at. Instead, you also need to prioritize how well the candidate will fit within your existing office ecosystem. 

For example, are you using modern technology or software in your practice (like PANDA Perio)? If so, your hires will need to be technologically savvy with basic computer skills, or at least willing and able to learn. Is your practice focused on education with the goal of growth? If so, you probably won’t want to hire someone set in their ways with several years of experience and has worked in five other offices in the last year because all they care about is a paycheck. 

They key is to ask them...

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