The 5 Strategies That Improve Team Accuracy in Clinical Record Keeping

Learn how PANDA Perio empowers staff to participate and succeed!

The need to take control of clinical documentation and fine-tune communication across all clinical channels is easily solved with professional strategies offered by PANDA Perio clinical software. 

Created from the ground up, by a team of leading Periodontists and an experienced software engineer. PANDA Perio has saved clinics countless hours in writing treatment letters and enabled staff toward more professional communication. 

Learn how these five strategies have streamlined treatment planning and empowered staff to help dental practices grow by as much as 300%. 

Templates Streamline Note-taking 

PANDA Perio’s exclusive Instanotes® guide staff to quickly complete accurate notes in a quick click-through process. No need to repeat or transcribe the details later after the appointment. It’s streamlined to save time eliminating the need to type. 

Checklist Completion...

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