Finding Gratefulness in 2020

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2020

2020 has been difficult for everyone, and some much more than others.

As we mourn, we will never forget those who we have lost.  With unyielding efforts, we will continue to honor those who we could not save through persistence patience and consistency in the fight against COVID-19.

For those of you who are healthy and able to provide safe patient care, we are grateful.  We are grateful for your health, diligence, and most of all, commitment to providing the best care for your patients and keeping your communities healthy and safe.

With the COVID-19 safety measures in place, practices are busier now more than ever.  Most practices are grateful to be able to continue to serve their communities, however, the demands to keep up have exponentially increased.  There is a newfound need to be more flexible and agile in our approach to patient care. 

When practices are running efficiently it is easier to not only keep up but to also provide an improved and safer experience in the overall care of the patient.

What could be holding you back…

  • Inadequate charting requiring long hand detailed descriptors?
  • Delayed, inaccurate, and or incomplete chart entries?
  • Duplication of administrative functions?

It is important to streamline your workflow to accommodate increasing demands. Fortunately, modern technology is on our side in terms of practice efficiency and improved functionality to help assist us through this process. 

Comprehensive Periodontal charting that is appropriate for the practice of Periodontics.

Most, if not all PMS (practice management software)  products are geared toward general dentistry; leaving out many of the crucial elements a Periodontists needs to see to fully document their cases.  For example, Clinical Attachment Levels.  When attachment levels are not specified, automatically calculated, and included, it is easy for clinicians to overlook the importance.  Having CAL displayed visually on the chart, aids the viewer in the ability to fully comprehend the case.  Look at how PANDA Charting surpasses all standards of care specifically and exclusively for the Periodontist: (click here to see PANDA Charting)

Consistent and Contemporaneous chart entries.

When using paper, it is clear there is no way humanly possible to enter chart notes contemporaneously while maintaining accuracy at the level of detail that is required.  When using PANDA Perio’s easy to use click through templates that aid the user into faster more efficient notes; it is easy to complete chairside with just a few simple clicks.  Medically and legally correct chart entries (that have been formally spell-checked utilizing an embedded medical dictionary), help to ensure the accuracy and completion of accurate Periodontal chart notes.  (Click here to see how PANDA expedites your note-taking process)

Automated reporting - eliminating the need to manually type, write, or dictate.

Are you still using dictation? If so, this means you must review your cases again and again over a period of weeks. This is the single most inefficient aspect of almost any Periodontal practice. PANDA Perio adapts to your style of communication and can automate the process eliminating the conundrum of seeing the same records repeatedly.  Beautifully represented reports reflecting the style and philosophies of the specific provider. PANDA Perio even offers a multitude of templates along with graphical motivation reports for both the patient and referring practice.

Efficiency has become increasingly more important, and we feel every Periodontal professional deserves the same tools and techniques to help them continue to streamline their practice.

Setting the pace for the new standard is the best way to honor those in which we serve. 

Thank you from the PANDA Perio Family for your continued efforts and commitment to this invaluable field of Periodontics. 

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