The Difference Between a “Dental Chart” and a “Periodontal Chart”


Not all dental charting is created equal.  Sure, there is the standard set of 32 teeth, and everyone should chart restoratively as well as record pocket depths, but our experience shows that there is a vast difference between how a General Dentist and a Periodontist chart cases.

The key here is not only in which data fields are recorded but also how the recorded data are viewed.

Dentists typically do not collect detailed clinical information beyond the status of their restorative needs and when they do it's often just screening data (CPITN or BPE).  They usually will refer patients when they find periodontal issues such as deep probing depths or mucogingival deformities.  As a result, most dental software products especially those included in practice management software, are only designed to accommodate the general dentist’s needs and leave an open-ended platform if further analysis or documentation/ details are required.

Dental charting often includes a...

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