4 Things Periodontist's Must Do to Earn More Referrals

Referrals are the lifeblood of periodontal practices.  We recently talked about practical ways to build relationships with general dentists to earn referral business, starting with the importance of establishing trust. 

Making a referral isn’t a decision dentist's and doctor's take lightly.  Their own reputation is on the line, and referrals often serve as an extension of their own practice. 

Explore these four things periodontists can offer dentists and physicians to build trust and strengthen your referral business:

An Under-Promise and Over-Delivery Mentality

Even with good intentions, periodontists shouldn’t make claims they can’t fully guarantee. When speaking about your practice or how you handle referred patients, it’s always better to under promise and over deliver in order to build faith and maintain trust.

Faster Communication and Inclusion in the Treatment Process

Most periodontists spend a full workday drafting correspondence letters.  Preparation alone can take two weeks or more to get the correspondence out.

With PANDA Perio, correspondence is in the referring doctors’ hands within 24 to 48 hours.  This allows the dentist to get instant notification about their cases, making them feel valued and also allowing them to rely on you vs. other competitors who are slower at fulfilling communication requirements (in some cases, the patient’s care is completed before they even get the letter!).

Because letters take so long, general dentists don’t think it’s a priority to the Periodontist to communicate with them.  In reality, it’s just impossible to move forward any faster without the use of PANDA.

A Methodical, Specialized Approach

Every patient’s needs are different, but the approach to explore diagnosis and treatment options largely remains the same.  By emphasizing a methodical, specialized approach to periodontics, you automatically reduce your margin of error and the chance that important details may slip through the cracks.

A High Level of Credibility

Dentists and physicians treat referrals as an extension of their reputation.  They need to know their patients will be in good hands and receive effective treatment.  Otherwise, they risk losing that patient’s business and damaging their professional image. 

As you’re creating relationships with referring practices, it’s critical to communicate your skills, expertise, and other criteria that make you the right choice for their patients.  Your competitive advantages, approach to treatment planning and diagnosis, and patient service can go a long way in proving you’re a credible provider that can create the results patients expect and deserve.

What PANDA Perio Offers Referring Practices

PANDA Perio accomplishes each of the above when earning referral business.  Its rapid response and methodical process to diagnosis and treatment planning help specialists build credibility without over promising or under delivering.  Patients are removed from a one-size-fits-all approach and treated according to their needs.

Building trust isn’t just about making and maintaining connections with referral partners.  Rather, Periodontists must be able to offer dentists and physicians more than just an outlet to which they can send patients.

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