The 2 Most Commonly Forgotten Components of Periodontal Diagnosis in the Practice

When you’re exploring diagnoses for a patient, you look for certain things, like probing depth, clinical attachment level, and bleeding on probing. The signs you identify lead you to a periodontal diagnosis, at which point you can explore treatment options. 

But whatever steps you take to reach a diagnosis, there are two key components to the process that are often left unaddressed - and they’re both critical to your success and the eventual outcome for your patients:

#1 - A Systematized Approach to Diagnosis

Despite our growing understanding of periodontal diseases, traditional clinical parameters are largely responsible for an accurate and thorough diagnosis. Only then will you be able to provide the expected level of treatment and care to your patients. 

However, the actual methods for diagnosis can vary between provider, even within the same practice. Many providers lack a systematized way of approaching diagnosis, in part because they can often make certain connections without going through a standard process. 

But lacking a standardized system for diagnosis leaves vulnerabilities in the process. It increases your own chance for error and puts your staff at risk.

#2 - An Informed, Engaged Staff

Staff members shouldn’t need the same training as the periodontist to understand what the doctor is doing or why he or she is performing certain procedures. Unfortunately, many of them operate blindly and don’t think to ask why. 

Combined with a lack of systematization, there’s an unseen burden on your staff that’s often ignored. It makes it more difficult for them to actively participate in procedures, at which point they’re resigned to going through motions without any real understanding of the patient’s case.  

The truth is that diagnoses are important for everyone to understand, not just the periodontist. Even doctors can make mistakes (they’re human, too), and having trained, informed team members can only benefit the practice and its patients.

Creating a Cohesive Solution Throughout the Practice 

PANDA Perio software was designed to bridge this gap to give practices a cookie cutter solution to perio diagnosis that results in predictable and tangible results. The software takes the comprehensive and advanced clinical knowledge of the Periodontist and creates an environment where the team members can fall into success with little training. 

As a result, staff can become more competent and active in the diagnosis process and improve the quality of service and care in the practice. 

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