How Periodontists Can Work with General Dentists (Not Against Them!)

Periodontists and general dentists share a common goal: to provide patients with effective dental treatment. 

Though methodologies and approaches are different for each party, they share a common clientele that often requires the services of both. 

However, many dentists prefer to treat periodontal patients in-house rather than referring out. That can make it seem as though the two are battling for business rather than working toward a common goal. 

Being the specialist, Periodontists are in a better position to show how they can work with dentists rather than against them.

Emphasizing Everyone’s Best Interest

The most important thing you can do when working with dentists is to stress the importance of working for the patient's overall health, not just the practice or specialty.  It’s easy to say we care about the patient’s best interest and this is why we approach the care the way we do. It’s a universal understanding.  But the hidden component here is also to protect your colleague and have his or her back. 

This is where you earn their trust and loyalty and its also to protect them from malpractice and going down the wrong path.  Educating the general dentist in periodontics doesn’t leave them with more tools to try and fill the shoes of the Periodontist.  Rather, what it really does is educate the dentist just enough to know better not to try and fill the shoes by recklessly treating patients in ways that they are not trained.

When dentists and specialists are able to create an effective solution for the patient, all parties win. 

When you can build your referral relationships on trust rather than profits, you’ve earned their willingness to work together for the sake of the patient.  You have their ear when it comes to making recommendations, communicating treatment options, and showing why you’re an essential part of the process.  

Proving Your Value

Proving your value to referring partners when it comes to treating their patients can take many forms.  For starters, you need to be reliable and easy to do business with.  No one wants to refer to a provider that doesn’t timely return calls, misses critical details, or doesn’t clearly communicate the diagnosis or treatment plan. 

Also, helping dentists prepare patients for a referral can provide a seamless exchange. It becomes more like an extension of the dentist’s practice rather than sending the patient into unknown territory, which can also build patient confidence in the process. 

We know this level of communication and attention required to give your referring providers is exhausting.  That’s why PANDA Perio was developed.  

PANDA Perio serves as a valuable partner in working with referring practices.  Its auto-transcribed reporting huge time-saving benefits and streamlined approach to diagnosis and treatment planning helps to fill the gaps between the periodontal practice and general dental practices that often lead to a division of service. 

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