Reviewed: The Most Popular Software Products Used by Periodontists

A round-up of four common periodontal software solutions for easy comparison

When it comes to choosing software for your periodontal practice, most practice owners face two choices: opt for a general management software or choose one specifically made for the dental industry. There are countless options for the former given their basic nature, but finding the best solutions for periodontal’s unique needs isn’t so easy. 

For starters, there aren’t nearly as many industry-specific options compared to general practice management. And of the industry solutions that do exist, many of them are more heavily tailored to general dentistry and not periodontal professionals.

 We’ve rounded up four of top software products for periodontal professionals so you can compare their features and make an informed decision for your practice:

Fast Notes App

Fast Notes is a cloud-based app that’s still fairly new in the periodontal community. It’s touted as a quick and easy note-taking app with features for periodontists and general dental practices. The app relies on pre-established, menu-driven functionality to move practitioners through the note-taking and documentation process in an effort to save time and capture all the required details.


  • Faster note taking
  • Almost no typing needed after setup
  • Pre-set menus
  • Some perio-specific features
  • Some customization abilities
  • Group collaboration capabilities
  • Mobile capability
  • $99/month or $999/year
  • Free 14-day trial


It’s not hard to see Fast Notes App’s potential for periodontal practices. There are several “smart” features that create straightforward processes as far as data entry is concerned. You can quickly create and customize periodontal templates within the app, and the data you collect can later be transferred into your practice management software. 

As a web-based app, the software is continually updated to the latest version. The mobile app allows providers and team members to input and access data remotely, if needed. Plus, the subscription-based model offers confidence and flexibility in pricing and commitment. 


Fast Notes App is a strong solution for note-taking, but it’s only fills part of the need for periodontal practices. The app isn’t an electronic medical record for storage, nor does it have perio charting features or integrations. You still need separate practice management software and charting to handle various other needs. 

Also, the app doesn’t automatically transcribe your notes into your practice management software. Rather, you manually copy and paste everything into your management software and or letters separately.


Henry Shein’s Dentrix is a common practice management software for periodontists. The customizable templates can be used with merge fields to save some manual tasks. It also offers basic charting and note-taking features. It’s meant to be an empowering solution that helps dental practices “do more, accomplish more, and earn more.”


  • Clinical functionalities
  • Comprehensive practice management
  • Integrates with other products
  • Variably-priced service bundles
  • Mobile functionality


Dentrix is touted as a productivity booster for dental practices to do more in less time without sacrificing quality or accuracy. 

The program accomplishes almost everything on the business side of a practice, including performance reports, daily task reports, processing payments, updating patient records, and sending appointment reminders. 

Clinical and financial aspects can be connected to automate some parts of coding and charting, further boosting productivity when leveraged appropriately.


The bells and whistles here can be overwhelming, especially if practitioners aren’t aware of how to take advantage of them. This is most often the case, as many features are too complex to fully leverage. 

The non-intuitive design requires extensive training to learn the system. None of the clinical data integrates with the reporting, besides the ability to merge in basic details like names. There’s still manual copying and pasting involved to move data into reports. Users have reported having difficulty adding their own treatment plans into the program.

 In addition, the charting features are geared toward general dentistry rather than periodontists. Perio charting is limited and requires an extra step to access.

Time for Perio (Decisionbase)

This long-standing company has been in business for over 25 years. Their software is largely focused on the clinical aspect, with features designed and approved by a board of conventional periodontists.


  • Created with input from a panel of dentist and periodontists
  • Reduces manual note-taking
  • Pre-defined templates
  • Mobile capability


DecisionBase relies on support from dental professionals to help create new features in their product. It uses hardcoded templates that make it easy to start using almost immediately. Workflows,


Because the templates are hardcoded, professionals are relegated to using what other periodontists have designed and adapt the way they work. There’s a distinct lack of customization, despite the numerous features.


PANDA Perio is the only software product geared specifically toward periodontal practices. It’s a complete solution for charting, clinical data, diagnosis, and treatment planning, and works with your practice management software for a total patient experience.


  • Multiple software integrations
  • Instant transcribing
  • Automated note taking
  • Fast and easy charting
  • Flexible customization


PANDA eliminates much of the manual labor of charting, note-taking, transcribing, and reporting most practices are familiar with. You can customize workflows that ensure no details fall through the cracks. It’s also customizable to suit the way you work, not the other way around. There’s no copying and pasting, no guesswork, and no wasted time in making your notes and serving your patients.


PANDA Perio is a powerful solution, but it’s not complete. Practices will need to invest in practice management and scheduling software, which can integrate with PANDA Perio. You can check out PANDA’s key integrations here.

How Will You Invest in Your Periodontal Practice?

The software you choose to manage your practice and assist with clinical aspects has a lot to do with your success. It’s not a decision to take lightly, and you’ll want to compare your options before you commit to a solution that may end up not delivering on your expectations. 

We developed PANDA Perio specifically for the needs of periodontists. Schedule a call today to see it in action for yourself and how it can help you improve your practice.

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