PANDA Perio Comparison to Practice Management Software: The Difference Matters

Every periodontal practice uses some form of practice management software to better manage day to day tasks, such as scheduling, invoicing, and accounting. But is it enough to help you run a profitable practice? 

Practice management software excels at providing front-end support to your team, but it fails to meet the needs of the Periodontist when it comes to electronic medical records and charting that can increase efficiency and profitability in the examining room. 

In addition, traditional practice software lacks the ability to easily manage marketing-related tasks to referring practices. Maintaining strong connections with referring practices is critical to your success, but practice management software can strain these relationships by not providing sufficient information. Internal marketing is just as important:  customizing patient education as opposed to canned brochures and hypotheticals can help patients take active involvement in their care. Providers need an easy way to present visually-appealing, easy-to-read information to patients and referring practices, and PANDA Perio does most of the heavy lifting for you. 

Let’s explore the difference between PANDA Perio and traditional practice management software and why both are necessary for creating a winning practice.

The Difference Between PANDA Perio and Practice Management Software

Practice management software has been a mainstay in periodontal practices for years, so it’s surprising that this evergreen tool hasn’t seen much advancement in terms of what it’s equipped to handle. Generally, your front- and back-end offices use an integrated practice management software for scheduling purposes, patient communication, insurance, and AP/AR.  But these functionalities have little or nothing to do with the specific care you deliver to your patients. 

PANDA Perio was designed to fill the gaps left behind by traditional practice management software. It offers opportunities to create strategic, methodical workflows that make using it fast and easy, even if you don’t have a background in computers. 

Periodontists can use PANDA Perio for electronic charting, note-taking, and transcribing reports and communications all from within the treatment room. This helps to eliminate redundancy and miscommunication errors so that every patient receives a high level of care. Providers save time without sacrificing quality so he or she can help more patients. 

No matter the practice management software you use, even one that includes some automation features, there will always be manual copying and pasting when transcribing. PANDA Perio is the only product that includes true automation with unlimited volumes of data that is transcribed by the software itself (not the human), giving you real time savings without adding tasks in other areas. 

Practice management software on its own isn’t enough to help you create a consistent, comprehensive experience for your patients. Providers must also be able to leverage technology in order to deliver optimal care in a way that’s conducive to the way they already work.

PANDA Works with Your Dental Practice Management Software

PANDA Perio is transforming periodontal practices by streamlining procedures, improving charting, and freeing up providers’ time, but it’s not a direct replacement for traditional practice management software. Rather, PANDA Perio complements your existing software as a solution specifically tailored to the needs of the periodontist while automating tasks that can benefit all areas of the practice.  Click here to watch the video: 

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