The Dangers of Dental Implants Without Effective Treatment Planning

Dental implants are becoming a desirable alternative to traditional periodontal treatment. Patients see them as a viable, attractive solution to improve their smiles quickly and dentists can charge high fees. But, do we understand the dangers of dental implants without effective treatment planning?


While generally safe and effective, dental implants can be more problematic for certain patients if diagnosis and treatment plans are ignored.


As a result, patients are ultimately the ones who suffer from an ineffective dental implants process. It’s largely up to dentists to prevent their negative effects. Below we'll be looking at some of the dangers of a poor dental implants procedure.

Dental Implants in a Compromised Periodontium

As all periodontists already know, dental implants have been hailed as a solution for tooth loss. But patients experiencing tooth loss from periodontal disease may be at greater risk for implant failure if the underlying periodontal disease is left untreated.


Studies show that patients with a history of periodontal disease experience more bone loss surrounding implants, greater probing depths, and a higher occurrence of peri-implantitis.


Patients with aggressive periodontitis are at a higher risk of implant failure when compared to patients with chronic periodontitis. In studies, higher quantities of bacteria were found at diseased implant sites, which can also affect other implant sites.


Providing educational materials to your referring practices allows them to learn the risks associated with trying to provide these types of services without consulting with you, the specialist.


PANDA Perio offers clear, concise, tailored communication that helps increase the likelihood that the general dentist will begin to recognize when to refer to you and seek your participation.

Emphasizing the Dangers Without Undermining Expertise

Periodontists are often challenged with stressing the dangers of placing implants without also undermining the dentist’s expertise.


Without a proper diagnosis and treatment plan, there is a risk of failure. Periodontists should champion on behalf of the patients to ensure dentists aren’t neglecting proper treatment in lieu of a faster, only somewhat-effective solution.


PANDA Perio helps to fill in the gaps by presenting cases in such a way to show the importance of a team effort and the critical role that each specialist contributes to the process.


PANDA Perio Improves Dental Implants with Effective Treatment Planning

That’s not to say that periodontal patients can never enjoy the benefits of dental implants. They’re still a largely effective solution to tooth loss, but prior to implanting dentists should first focus on correcting periodontal issues that can lead to implant failure.


With PANDA Perio, periodontists can properly diagnose issues quickly with the use of dental implant surgery and dental implant placement checklists and instantly offer clinical evidence supporting the plan for care. General dentists are not trained to do this and often overlook critical information that can affect the eventual outcome. Offering your referring practices evidence supporting the plan in a way that is clear to them, will build confidence and trust in the referring doctor and specialist relationship.


By focusing on effective treatment planning, both dentists and periodontists are able to work together toward a solution where the patient and providers each benefit.


See PANDA Perio’s approach to effective treatment planning in action today:

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