Think Like a Doctor, Part 4: Establishing Value in Your Team

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2019

Throughout this series, we’re discussing how in order to get your staff to think more like you, you first need to think like them so you can tailor how you communicate their level of understanding. If you missed Parts 12, and 3, you can click on the numbers to catch up.

What do you find most valuable about your practice?  What do you think the patients and referring practices value?  Is the value of the care you provide enough?  Does it meet the goals and vision you had set out for or do you feel you are sometimes being held back from your potential?

The perceived value doesn’t always match the value we have within our own consciousness.

Here is why…

Peers directly influence your value system

Your perceptions of yourself, the patient’s perceptions of you, your referring doctors’ perceptions of you all impact your overall perceived value.

Often, your own perception of the other people around you can lead you to feel as if you are not at the top of your game. We are taught at a young age that the company you keep has a direct impact on your reputation.

“You are who you are by virtue of the company you keep.”       T. B. Joshua

The people around you must align with your value system

During the day, you spend the most time with your team, AKA “work family”.

When we are busy all day, we often forget to “stop and smell the roses”.  We take for granted all the hard work we put into doing what we do.  More time is spent focusing on others meanwhile we lose sight of the value we bring to the table.

When we don’t feel valued and confident in the work that we provide, our self-esteem reduces exponentially.

How to establish value

Often, we forget that the way in which we do things has a direct impact on the perceptions of others.  We often get so busy everything just becomes “good enough” and the value we see within the task at hand may seem so insignificant that it comes unnoticed. 

The key is in our leadership, who we respect significantly influences the value we have within ourselves.  Leadership is finding out what people have that is valuable and then bringing that to light so that it grows.  Setting the expectation that someone is highly capable and you recognize their value, encourages them to strive a little higher.

When we feel appreciated by those who we look up to, it’s a reminder, that what we do is valuable.  Sometimes we don’t value ourselves enough, and a subtle reminder offers a significant impact.

Coming soon…

My new course contains an entire section on delegation and empowerment that hits on this and related topics.  Don’t forget to stay tuned for Part 5 of this series, where we’re diving deeper into delegation and authority.

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