Survey: Is Your Periodontal Practice Prepared to Make 2019 the Most Profitable Year?

We recently sent out a survey to Periodontists and PANDA Perio users to gain insights on the industry. Our goal at PANDA has always been to provide real, actionable advice you can use in your practice, but we also use this information to make our software even better. 

If you haven’t yet taken the survey, you can do so here.

Your responses will give you personalized results that you can apply to your unique practice. But here’s a little preview on what you can expect:

Preparation Encourages Profitability

Whether you’re brand new to the Periodontal field or you’ve been treating patients for 20 years or longer, the value of preparation never changes. 

Because of the many moving parts the Periodontist faces each day, it’s important to have a system in place so that no task or detail falls through the cracks. When you can be prepared for every patient, phone call, and meeting, you can avoid backlogs or having to redo work.

Find Opportunities to Streamline Your Practice

You might not realize how much time you’re spending on correspondence letters, charting, making notes, follow up, reporting, and the myriad other tasks involved with each patient case. 

Our survey helps to bring some of this busy work to light so you can focus on what you’re spending the most time on and start thinking about how you can reduce this time without sacrificing quality.

100% of Survey Participants Have This in Common

First of all, if you took our survey, we appreciate your responses! Our survey was designed to help you look deeper into what your current practice looks like to find areas of opportunity. We want to make our data available to you so you can see how your practice stacks up. 

Each of our survey participants has shown there’s always room for improvement, whether it’s refining processes or building relationships with referring practices. 

PANDA Perio was designed to fill these opportunities for improvement by helping you simplifying workflows, improve communication, automate tasks, and give you more time to spend with your patients.  

If you haven’t yet taken the survey, here’s that link again

And don’t forget to schedule a personalized demo to see PANDA in action and how it can help you make 2019 your most profitable year.

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