What Makes You Different as a Periodontist?

The job of today’s Periodontist looks strikingly different than it did just a decade ago. It’s becoming tougher to stand out in the market, especially since many dental practices are opting to keep periodontal cases in-house. 

As a Periodontist, you know this is a bad idea (we covered this in a previous blog post). But even if dentists weren’t treating their own patients, you still need to prove yourself as a viable option in your community.

Why would a referrer send a patient to you vs. another practice? Take a look at a few of the most competitive points that can seal your success:


As a Periodontal practice, your reputation will be the single most important factor in your success. 

Patients don’t want to choose a provider that doesn’t come recommended by others. In addition, referring doctors will not want to send their patients to you because their patients’ experience is ultimately an extension of their practice. If you’re not able to provide timely correspondence and adequate treatment, it reflects just as much on them as it does on you. 

Periodontists can set themselves apart through reputation alone. Positive online reviews, testimonials, and strong referral relationships can go a long way in building confidence in your abilities.


The way you communicate with patients and referring doctors directly supports your reputation. Providing timely feedback on treatment and diagnosis removes much of the guesswork from the process. Doctors want to stay informed about their patient’s progress and not be kept in the dark waiting for correspondence.

When you can proactively keep referring doctors in the loop, their confidence in you as a strategic partner will only grow.

Patient Care

Simply put, end results matter. The results your patients receive will go far in building your reputation as an expert in your field, which will give referring partners another reason to send you their patients. 

The treatment process matters, too. Patients want to know their care is personalized to their needs. They expect the provider to spend enough time on their case, make the right recommendations, and give them the best path to resolve their issues.

How PANDA Can Help

PANDA Perio can enable all of the above competitive advantages to help your practice stand out from others. Our thoughtfully designed software helps to streamline charting and correspondence so doctors can spend more time with patients and their staff, a feat that most other periodontal practices are unable to compete with.

Our 200+ point-and-click chartable findings are comprehensive and clinically accurate, giving doctors confidence throughout the process. We’ve designed PANDA Perio for high-end specialists so you can put your best foot forward during every consultation and add aesthetic and appeal to your practice. 

Schedule a demo today to see PANDA Perio in action and discover how you can create a better experience for your patients.

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